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Lemurisch Kristal - DEVA LOVES

Lemurian crystal

Lemurian crystal, also known as Lemurian seed crystal, is a specific variety of quartz crystal with unique characteristics and an interesting spiritual meaning.

Lemurian crystals have an elongated, prismatic appearance with vertical lines or ridges running the length of the crystal. These lines are often called "streaks" or "inclusions".

A striking feature of Lemurian crystals is the presence of thin horizontal stripes that resemble cascading grooves. These stripes are sometimes called "laddering".

The name "Lemurian Crystal" is derived from the legend that these crystals are connected to ancient Lemuria, a lost civilization considered a spiritual and mystical realm.

Lemurian crystals are often associated with spiritual growth, healing, and activating higher consciousness. They are said to serve as energetic tools to access wisdom and knowledge from Lemurian times.

Additionally, many people believe that Lemurian crystals can be "programmed" with intentions and that they can be activated to amplify spiritual energies. The idea is that the ridges and lines act as channels for information transfer.

Lemurian crystals are often associated with activating the crown chakra and are used to promote higher spiritual frequencies.

It is important to note that although Lemurian crystals have rich spiritual symbolism, the scientific community does not necessarily support the legends about Lemuria, as there is no scientific evidence for the existence of such an ancient civilization. Despite this, many people around the world have embraced Lemurian crystals for their aesthetics and the spiritual meanings attributed to them.

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