Emotion, Inspiration, Creativity, Beauty, Love, Passion

Welcome to DEVA LOVES...


Inspired by the energies of beauty, emotion and craftsmanship

curated for the Mind Body and Soul.


We handpick collections from talented designers for our quality and design-conscious customers. Here you will find artistic, spiritual and fashion jewellery you won’t easily find everywhere else.

With DEVA LOVES you can be sure of making a conscious choice as we use sustainable sourcing; we only partner with people who put the earth and its people first.

Discover our handpicked collections of international Jewellery Designers & Everyday Fashion Essentials to easily go in style, always and everywhere..


DEVA LOVES is founded by Marcha Hüskes who is known for her eponymous semi-couture fashion label.

Marcha, Entrepreneur, (fashion)designer and beauty connoisseur has a vast experience in the design industry and a passion for great quality, craftsmanship and empowering those who are not afraid of standing out and making a style statement.

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