Gold Chakra Ring with Gemstones


Are you looking for beautiful elegant jewelry with a spiritual dimension? Then this stacked chakra ring with gemstones might be what you are looking for!

Stacked jewelry is completely 'on-trend'. This 18kt gold plated chakra ring is decorated with seven beautiful gemstones. The stones correspond to the seven chakras that support the body. The energy points of the seven chakras are considered the most important of our body.

Properties of the ring

  • 18kt gold plated with a palladium barrier over recycled brass
  • Stone Size: 3mm
  • Fairly and ethically made by artisans in Thailand

Chakra - balance, energy, alignment

  • Garnet - love, friendship, guidance
  • Amethyst - spirituality, peace, prosperity
  • Lolite - positivity, comfort, calmness
  • Blue Topaz - tranquility, courage, peace
  • Green Onyx - grounding, guidance, soothing
  • Citrine - radiance, happiness, awareness
  • Carnelian - protection, stability, vitality

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