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Chakras and Aura Cleansing

How do you cleanse your aura and how do we balance our chakras?

Aura cleansing

The concepts of aura and chakra are often associated by many as esoteric or mystical. But what actually is an aura?

The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds our body. Everything that lives on this planet has an aura.

Chakras are energetic points (spinning spheres or discs) that balance our mind and body by connecting the psychological, emotional and spiritual parts. These parts all influence the well-being of our body. Chakras are located along the spine, from the tailbone to our head.

Biochemical changes and mental status can cause unbalanced chakras that can cause numerous complaints and/or discomfort. They need cleansing and attunement to achieve internal balance.

Aligning Chakras

Chakras are an essential part of our mind and body and they stimulate good energy flow. This brings the body into alignment with the mind.
According to ancient Hinduism, our body had six different chakras. After centuries of research, another chakra was added: the seventh.

From bottom to top these are the chakras:

Muladhara (1st)

  • Tail or root chakra
  • Color red
  • Energy, stability, comfort, safety
  • "I AM"

Chakra of the element Earth. It represents the digestive system and the spine. This chakra is related to survival and vitality. Imbalance can cause back pain, lack of energy, cold, constipation and sexual problems.

Swadhisthana / Sua adhisthana (2nd)

  • Sacral or sacral chakra
  • Color: Orange
  • Sensuality, sexuality, pleasure, social
  • "I FEEL"

This is located just below the navel, where the matrix that connects the urinary system to the genitals is located. The element is water and it is related to psychological processes such as emotions, pleasure, socializing, creativity and sexuality. It is more intense on an emotional level.

Someone with an imbalance in this chakra may experience feelings of sadness, depression, eating disorders, allergies, asthma, addiction and sexual problems.

Manipura (3rd)

  • Solar plexus chakra
  • Color yellow
  • Strength, personality, empowerment, determination, motivation
  • "I DO"

Manipura, with the element of fire, is located above the navel and connects the digestive system, pancreas and gallbladder. Manipura is the chakra of intelligence, motivation and self-discipline. An imbalance can cause digestive problems, memory loss and nervousness.

Anahata (4th)

  • Heart chakra
  • Colour: green
  • Acceptance, Love, compassion, sincerity
  • "I LOVE"

The element of this chakra is air. Anahata is connected to the center of the chest and the heart. Lungs, liver and immune system are also involved in this chakra. The heart chakra represents unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and self-acceptance.

With an imbalance, people can suffer from high blood pressure, infections and recurring illnesses and discomforts.

Vishuddha (5th)

  • Throat chakra
  • Color blue
  • Communication, expression, creativity, inspiration
  • "I SPEAK"

The element of this chakra is ether. It is located in the larynx, at the level of the throat. It is connected to the ear, throat, lungs and vocal cords. This chakra represents communication, wisdom, organization and planning ability. An imbalance can cause hormonal disorders, fever, hyperactivity and oral problems.

Ajna/agña-akhia (6th)

  • Third eye chakra
  • Colour: indigo
  • Intuition, clarity, meditation, trust
  • "I SEE"

The element of this chakra is light. The third eye chakra is located between the eyebrows and is connected to the nervous and endocrine systems, related to intuition, physical skills and self-realization. An imbalance may cause sleep disorders, migraines and coordination problems.

Sahasrara (7th)

  • Crown chakra
  • Color: violet
  • Knowledge, consciousness, fulfillment, spirituality

The element of this chakra is space. Located at the crown of the head, it connects to the brain, making this chakra encompassing body, emotion, mind and spirit. An imbalance can cause diseases such as Parkinson's, coordination problems, depression and other psychological disorders.

Stones and crystals to align chakras

Gemstones such as Zirconium, Garnet, Blue Topaz, Amethyst, Carnelian, Citrine and Peridot are some of the stones that can be used to heal or balance chakras. Simply lie down on the stones located in the chakra area you want to restore or hold the stone close to your body. If you find it easier, you can also place the stones on your body at the chakra points.
Before using crystal healing, it is recommended to cleanse the stones and charge them with energy. Read more about cleansing and charging stones and crystals here.

The energy centers to use the stones are:

  • On top of the head
  • Forehead
  • Throat
  • Heart
  • Belly button
  • Pelvic area
  • Underbelly

And finally: How do you cleanse the aura?

The word "aura" comes from the Greek word "aer", which means "breeze".

As mentioned, the aura is an electromagnetic field that radiates from our body. It is an etheric body with seven levels with specific colors that can change with emotions. For example, when we are happy, the aura can go further and help us connect with people, but when we are angry, the aura usually changes color, from blue to red. That is why we can also feel, for example, that someone has what we call "a good vibe".

Benefits of cleansing the aura and aligning the chakras

Cleansing your aura rids you of negative thoughts that can be harmful to your mental health and energy.

After an aura cleansing, some people may feel heavy or tired. This shows that an energy flow is starting within us.

Cleansing our energetic field is necessary to ensure that the healing energies can be absorbed by our body and thus bring our energy back into balance.

An aura cleanse opens, unlocks, heals, and mobilizes the energy our body needs to balance and heal.

Cleaning your aura and energetically charging aims to achieve more clarity of thought, less stress, more control over your emotions and inner peace.

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