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De helende eigenschappen van kristallen

The healing properties of crystals


Do you want to develop further on a personal and spiritual level? Then delve into the healing properties of crystals, which have been used in various cultures and civilizations for thousands of years. Crystals, like everything in the universe, exhibit vibrations. Each crystal has an energy field that can have a positive interaction with your own energy field through these vibrations. This way they can direct, absorb, strengthen and concentrate the energy in your body in a natural way. Each stone has a unique energy with positive properties, depending on the type, color and vibration of the stone. By working with crystal energy, you help restore your body to its natural state and bring all aspects of your personality into balance. This can lead to a healthier mind, a healthier body, a more positive attitude and a better life.

The formation of crystals

amethyst cluster

Crystals are formed naturally in the Earth's crust by the cooling of magma that emerges from the Earth's core. This process, also called crystallization, can take billions of years and is influenced by various factors such as temperature, pressure and chemical composition. Even impurities play a role in the formation of crystals. For example, quartz crystals, which are naturally transparent, can turn a bright purple or pink color due to the presence of iron or manganese, creating varieties such as amethyst and pink quartz.

How do crystals work?

malachite tumblestones

The ancient Sumerians were the first to use crystals because of their magical properties. They used them in jewelry and medicines. The ancient Egyptians wore turquoise, lapis lazuli, quartz and carnelian as jewelry and used malachite and galena for cosmetics. And in traditional Chinese medicine, crystals such as rose quartz and jade have been used for their healing properties for more than five thousand years.

Research has shown that some crystals can also conduct energy. In 1880, French physicist Pierre Curie discovered the 'piezoelectric effect'. He observed that several stones, including quartz and topaz, produced electrical voltage when mechanical pressure was applied to them. That is why crystals are now widely used in electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones and TV screens, as well as in personal care products and medical equipment.

When we are more aware of the different frequencies around us, we can also feel the effects they have on our lives. Whether you want to reduce stress and anxiety with Amethyst or attract abundance and success with Citrine, crystals are powerful tools that we can use in a variety of ways to positively impact our lives.


Although the words 'mineral', 'stone', 'crystal' and 'gemstone' are often used interchangeably, they actually imply different structural properties.


Minerals are natural solids that have a specific chemical composition and crystal structure. Although not all minerals are crystals visible to the naked eye, they do contain microscopic crystals. There are a number of important characteristics that define a substance as a mineral: it must occur in nature, contain no organic substances, be in a solid state at room temperature, have a clear chemical composition and have an ordered internal structure.

tumblestones lapis lazuli


Stone or rock consists of a fixed combination of different minerals and does not have the specific chemical composition that you normally find in a mineral. So a stone always contains several minerals and has a natural origin. A popular rock, for example, is Lapis Lazuli. This consists of lazurite, calcite and pyrite.


crystal point

Most minerals occur in nature as crystals. A crystal is a solid composed of ions, atoms, and molecules in an ordered, repeating pattern. So the atoms are spaced at very precise distances and angles from each other to form a crystal. The crystal structure can influence the physical properties of a mineral, for example color, luster, texture and shape. Popular crystals of one mineral are: amethyst, rock crystal, citrine, calcite and ruby.


set of gemstones

A gemstone is a valuable mineral or crystal that has been cut and polished for use in jewelry and other ornamental objects. The value of a gemstone depends on its beauty, quality, size, rarity and color.

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